10. - 12. March, 2011.


Hotel Antunović
Zagreb, Hrvatska

Congress organizer

Association of Teachers in General Practice/Family Medicine


Dear Colleagues,

2nd Congress of the Association of teachers in general practice/ family medicine (DNOOM) is dedicated to the diabetes healthcare in family medicine. A topic is chosen because of the great importance diabetes is increasingly gaining in the structure of cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality and for severe complications of bad care. Under the new guidelines the insulin treatment starts earlier, and general practitioners are encouraged to take more active role in the treatment. Unfortunately, In Croatia, the entire organization of a diabetes health care has not been patient-friendly. Joint management of patients by family physician and endocrinologist, where only an endocrinologist may prescribe insulin therapy, often causes late phasing of insulin. Croatia is not just big cities; people live in small and inaccessible villages, islands and their health care is covered by a family physicians. Association of Teachers in general practice / family medicine gathered speakers from countries in the region because it is very important for us, as the representatives of the medical profession, to fit in and be recognized beyond the bordersof our country, as well as exchange experiences on such an important issue.

So, besides the invited Croatian teachers of family medicine, at the Congress we will have the opportunity to hear speakers from countries in the region. In order to provide family physicians with the latest knowledge on diabetes treatment, the five identical workshops on oral and insulin treatment are organized, with emphasis on practical work.

Furthermore, I must point out our excellent cooperation with pharmaceutical and other companies. Without their help and support such meetings might not take place. Satellite Symposia sponsored by these companies will present new results of clinical studies, on the ground of the evidence-based medicine. At the end, besides the professional need to improve the knowledge of general practitioners on the latest developments in the management of diabetes patients, the Congress is an opportunity for collegial meetings and informal gatherings. Although social program is not exactly rich, because DNOOM focuses primarily on education, I think that all these elements will not be missing.

Prof. dr. sc. Biserka Bergman Marković
President, Association of Teachers in General practice / Family Medicine