Poster presenter guidelines

  • The text should be written using font Times New Roman, size 12 throughout the text.
  • The title of the poster is written in Croatian and positioned in the middle of the first row. The full name of the first author and other authors who participated in preparing the poster is written under the title and centred. The sequence number is written in super script after the surname of the author.
  • Under that, the name of the practice or institution where the author works is written left aligned, next to super script numbers corresponding to those after the author's surname.
  • Follows SUMMARY, aligned left, which is followed by a text of about 350 words, containing: Introduction (and aim), Sample and methods, Results – Conclusion. If it is a case study: Introduction (and aim), Case presentation, Conclusion. In both up to 6 key words are at the end of the text (in accordance with MeSH).
  • Presenter's name, surname and mailing address (snail mail and e-mail are obligatory) are written at the bottom of the page, aligned left.
  • The text translated to English is written on the next page, following the same rules.
  • Posters are 120cm x 90cm, portrait. Pay attention to the size, font and colour of the print, the colour of the background, the layout of the title, subtitle, pictures and tables on the poster. All details need to be readable from 1.5 m distance. Check the quality of the paper you are using to print your poster. The technical support of the Congress will provide necessary help to display posters.

After 1 October 2018 and not later than 31 January 2019, please send your papers only via on-line registration

Thank you!

Poster submission is ended.